Flashpoint Anthology

My short story The Picnic is featured in Flashpoint Anthology https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flashpoint-Circle-Writers-Fiction-Anthology-ebook/dp/B07BB18629/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1522690931&sr=1-1&keywords=flashpoint+anthology

Why the tree grew her roots

Why The Tree Grew Her Roots by Jan McCulloch

In days of old the trees of the earth could walk. They shuffled around, slowly and carefully, sometimes travelling many miles.

As the land became more populated with all the planet’s new life, birds, squirrels and many other creatures began to look for places to live. The trees, with their wonderful rich foliage and their knarled and twisted branches were perfect for building nests and other homes so all the small creatures began building in earnest. However, the trees moved about so much that frequently the small creatures lost their bearings and would have to start all over again. Having families presented a huge problem. It was so difficult to provide food for their young when they were so desperately trying to keep an eye on the tree in case it wandered off. Many families were lost and much heartache ensued. The trees were saddened when they heard the baby birds calling for their parents and the other small creatures sobbing among their branches. But what could be done? A wise old owl told the trees that if they pushed their roots into the ground and stayed still, all the small creatures would be safe. But the trees were not happy about this. How would they spread their seeds far and wide if they could not move? How would they pollinate each other if they could not touch branches? The wise old owl gathered all the small creatures together and asked them if they would carry the seeds away for the trees, and if the bees would pollinate them. They agreed, so the kindly trees set down their roots and remain standing to this day


Short Stories

I have recently had the immense pleasure of reading a collection of short stories in three books published by Clarendon House Publications.

I cannot bear to write them down in order of preference as they are each a total gem, so I will list them in the order to which I purchased them.

1. Flashpoint Anthology. Available on Lulu and amazon. To clarify, one of my own short stories is included in this anthology but believe me when I say the other thirty nine authors are indeed masters of their craft.

2. Sands by Steve Carr. An eclectic mix of stories that draw you into the very lives of the characters, strong, powerful and addictive. More please Steve Carr!

3. Through Another’s Eyes by Gary Bonn. Stories that slap you in the face, the imagination and creativity of this author totally blew me away. More please Gary Bonn!