Final encore

Love Voinks 👌👍


Theatre final encore cropped 5.7.18I seem to have been in somewhat of a Theatre mode these past two weeks. 😀
Something different coming soon; if you have any preferences please feel free to leave a comment. Suggestions are always welcome for short story topics. Thanks for reading.  

‘That went well, didn’t it? Apart from the end of course.’

‘Yes, the audience seemed to like it. Made a change for me to play a villain; I haven’t done serious drama since I went to Hollywood.’

‘I know. Quite the famous celebrity now, aren’t you? I remember our first play together, two aspiring young actors, waiting to set the world alight. What made you come back?’

‘Well, at least one of us achieved our ambitions. Shame it didn’t work out for you. What are you doing now?’

‘Bits and pieces. I’ve still got my Equity card and occasionally get work as an extra. After that unfortunate…

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