Human Canary


#multiplechemicalsensitivity #environmentalillness

She could not remember when she had first become sensitive to chemicals. It had crept up on her, a myriad of allergies with varying degrees of severity. Whilst pondering the effect of her most recent symptom, a throbbing, itching sensation all over her body, she felt an impulsive need to lift her arms and push her head towards her armpit. Shuffling in her seat, she pressed her lips against the skin of her forearm and was startled to see rough yellow stubs protruding through her flesh. They looked like feathers and they were growing fast, rapidly covering her whole body, while her feet and legs were growing scales. It did not take long. She reached out a trembling hand for her coffee cup only to realise that long feather fingers could not grasp the cup. With a shudder she jerkily made her way across the room to the mirror. Her legs refused to walk because her brain insisted she hop. Staring into the mirror she looked at herself in horror. The effects of her multiple chemical sensitivities had reached their ultimate conclusion. There she was. A human canary.


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